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We endeavour to provide NHS dental care for everyone.

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NHS Dentist London provides free NHS dental care to children under the age of eighteen.

Band 1. £20.60

  • Involving and in depth clinical examinaton to diagnose  and create  an effective treatment plan

  • Radiographs

  • Scale and polish (if clinically necessary only)

  • preventive work: e.g. oral health assessment, study models, denture eases

Band 2. £56.30

  • Fillings

  • Extractions,

  • Surgical procedures & Dental additions

  • Periodontal treatment (Deeper cleaning)

Band 3. £244.30

  • Provision of appliances and complex treatment that include a laboratory work: e.g. bridgework, crowns and dentures

Band 4. £20.60

  • Emergency only treatment.